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8 ways to travel more responsibly in 2023

As responsible travel becomes increasingly important to travellers, we have conducted exciting new research revealing which elements of a holiday travellers most frequently choose to make their trip more sustainable and what other options could be considered to help you plan the perfect responsible escape.

Whilst sustainability is considered as important to 66% of those we surveyed, 17% of those do not make more sustainable purchases as they are unsure how to do so.  For those who do invest in more sustainable options, selecting a hotel with an eco-certification is the most popular and easiest option, with 20% of respondents stating this is often a deciding factor in choosing where to stay.

17% try to shop locally to support the local economy when travelling and 16% avoid over touristed destinations for a more relaxed experience, as well as to ensure their tourist money has more of a positive impact. Whilst 14% seek out the greenest form of transport, including considering no-fly options and 13% will purchase an eco-tourism package holiday from a specialist operator.

To help you embrace more sustainable approaches on your next holiday, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide which you can refer to when booking your next trip:

1. Consider each step of your journey – for each purchase ask the question is this the most responsible option, is there a better way?

2. Consider travelling in low season to minimise possible over tourism and support local communities when income is least

3. Speak to and book through an expert – our travel experts have a wealth of knowledge and fresh ideas for making the most of your experience and to ensure a positive impact

4. Getting there and around – consider all the transport options not just the easiest and if you must fly, seek out the flight with the lowest carbon emissions (eg by using Skyscanner which tracks emissions) or if you need to hire a car, go electric

5. Where to stay – look not only at eco-certifications, but also at what the accommodation is doing to support the local community

6. Support local – get off-the-beaten track and spend your tourist money with local independent businesses

7. Use less resources in your destination – take reusable tools such a straws, shopping bags and refillable bottles, ask for less bedding and towel changes, say no to bathroom minis or choose ice cream cones over cups

8. Educate along the way – asking restaurants and local businesses to refill your water bottle and saying no to plastic straws will help them understand what consumers really need and encourage them to change what they offer

Our founder and CEO, Melissa Tilling had this to say about the research and the exciting new trends in travel:

“It’s encouraging to see so much good intention from travellers to be more sustainable and have a more positive impact, the next step is to take action and find ways to incorporate being more responsible into every element of the journey. Actions which are practical to each individuals’ needs will also enhance the holiday experience.”

Feeling inspired? Get in touch with our travel experts today to book an incredible sustainable trip for 2023 and donate 5% of your holiday price to the charity of your choice at no extra cost!

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