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"Having had our wings clipped by the restrictions on international travel owing to the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, we now find ourselves – with a few unfortunate exceptions – free to make the travel choices we want to make."

Read the latest featured article by Charitable Travel CEO Melissa Tilling discussing the future of sustainable travel and the need for the industry to change and adapt. Read the full article on the TTG website here

Recently Charitable Travel launched a co-op marketing campaign with Tourism Ireland, advertising it as a great holiday destination for UK travellers. The campaign will focus on promoting the sights, attractions and experiences available through social media activity, email inclusions, special offers and more. 

To find out more please click here

The team at Charitable Travel are really proud to have been recognised at last night’s 2021 ATAS (Association of Touring and Adventure Suppliers) conference as the best Touring and Adventure Newcomer. We’re ecstatic to know that our wide range of destinations, tours, cruises and offers have been celebrated in this way. 

We look forward to continuing to provide amazing value to our customers and helping to support fantastic charities at the same time. 

Looking for your next dream trip, be sure to explore our website to find your next holiday deal.

Charitable Traveller Magazine was recently honoured to be recognised as a finalist at the prestigious Travel Media Awards in the Consumer Content category.

Unfortunately, on this occasion, Charitable Traveller did not win the category. However, we are overjoyed that the magazine has already reached prominence and industry recognition in such a short amount of time. 

The magazine covers topical news concerning charities and travel, editorial content from a variety of guest writers, in-depth travel features and the latest travel guidance. You can read the magazine here  

Last night, Charitable Travel were proud to attend the TTG Industry Awards as finalists in the Responsible Travel award category. We have always aspired to conduct as much of our activity in the most considered way possible taking into account environmental, social and economic factors. 

This extends to all of our holidays but is also a key ethos in the Charitable Travel Fund. The fund supports communities in travel destinations that depend on tourism revenue but have little support when this income is threatened. In these instances, the fund steps in to help. You can find out more about the funds current projects in Cambodia and Guinea, here

Last night we did not win the award but we would like to congratulate all of the winning finalists in all categories. We look forward to continuing to promote responsible travel in everything we do. 

Recently Charitable Travel concluded a co-op marketing campaign with the Malta Tourism Authority, advertising the Maltese islands as a fantastic travel destination to UK travellers. The campaign included information on sights. attractions and activities across the three islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. Along with social media activity, newsletter inclusions and more.

We were also particularly happy to co-host a live webinar with the Maltese tourism authorities advertising the island which can be viewed here. 

To find out more and plan the trip of a lifetime to Malta click here

Our CEO, Melissa Tilling, has been named among the Attitude 101 LGBTQ Trailblazers!

You can see the full list here.

TTG Media, the travel trade news outlet has revealed the shortlist for the Top 50 Travel Agencies 2021, and we made the cut in the online category! We are also one of 7 travel agencies that are all finalists for the first time!

Being nominated and shortlisted in our first year of business is fantastic, especially when the year is 2020! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our travel and charity partners and our customers. Without you we cannot deliver our social purpose to help fundraising for great causes selling #TravelforGood!

We’re certainly looking forward to 2021. Good luck to everyone on the shortlist!


Our weekly round-up from the Weekday Wellness sessions

Doing it for Mintridge!

THANK YOU so much for joining us for #WeekdayWellness on Mon, Tue and Wed at 8AM on ZOOM.
Apart from fitness and futrition we’ve been running #WeekdayWellness in fundraising support of the amazing Mintridge Foundation! We’ve asked for a donation of just £10 per week to take part.
A registered charity dedicated to enhancing life skills in young people through sport.
They provide a support network for young people by harnessing the power of positive sporting role models, assisting young people of all ages, abilities and physical capabilities to develop confidence and resilience, creating awareness of the importance of mental and physical wellbeing through sport. 

Their team of Ambassadors – Olympians, Paralympians and other professional sports stars from over 20 sports (both team and individual)work with young people in schools, clubs and academies across the UK. Starting with visits including assemblies, coaching clinics and classroom sessions tailored to each organisation’s requirements.

The ambassadors then provide one-on-one remote mentoring in a safeguarded environment, delivered via technology such as Fitswarm and Playwaze to build a lasting legacy for individuals. 

Learn more about The Mintridge Foundation and how you can give by booking with Charitable Travel, donate or keep up to date with all they do here.

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Weekly recap

Nutrients for your immune system are so important.

Ensure you’re getting adequate sleep. This allows the body to rest and recover, and for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Look after your Gut. 70 % of your immune system is in your gut! We recommend increasing plant based foods, including lots of colourful fruits and vegetables, as these will help to feed the good bacteria in the gut. 

Incorporating pre-biotic foods such as artichokes, green bananas, legumes, garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus are essential for feeding the good bacteria!

Perhaps incorporate kefir every morning! Fermented food also contains good bacteria, which helps contribute to a strong immune system!

Increase antioxidants. It’s especially important to ensure that antioxidant levels (vitamins C, E, and A) and micro-nutrients – that are components of anti-oxidant enzymes (zinc, copper, iron, and selenium), are sufficient to combat any oxidative stress.

Stress can suppress the immune system. In order to reduce stress levels try some mindfulness in your daily routine.

Ensuring adequate vitamin D levels – The new advice from the NHS for Vitamin D is that we should be taking 10mcg of vitamin D3 daily during autumn and winter!

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Our bi-weekly round-up from the Weekday Wellness sessions

Even more about #GutHealth!

On behalf of Charitable Travel, our partner destination Atlantic City USA, and out chosen charity, The Mintridge Foundation, THANK YOU for joining #WeekdayWellness.

If you love what we’re doing please tell your friends, colleagues and family to sign up here.

If you’ve signed up, joined us a few times, but have just been too busy over the summer to come back, or it’s just been too hot to think about HIIT sessions – WE UNDERSTAND! But, please come back and join in, taking the sessions at your pace and learning about nutrition.

In this edition we’re talking more about gut health and learning more about the amazing diversity of Atlantic City!

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Fitness weekly recap

Exercise and Gut health?!
Bacterial diversity in the gut and regular exercise are important when it comes to gut health.

Do the right thing people!
However you need to do the right type of exercise in order  to grab those gut health benefits, otherwise you could actually end up doing more damage to your gut!

Make it easy… What!!??
Choose low intensity workouts and strength training routines, these are excellent for out gut health! Long strenuous activity can actually be more harmful to your gut bacteria!


Nutrition weekly recap

Optimise your gut health by introducing more pre-biotic foods into your diet! They’re found in foods such as onion, garlic, chicory root, green bananas, asparagus, lentils, oats, artichokes, leeks and more.

This is important for health! 
Pre-biotics are fuel for the good bacteria within our guts. Think of your gut as a ecosystem which needs nourishment from the right kind of foods.

Good bacteria.. so good!
Has been shown to support our immune system!

Stop the swelling?
Pre-biotics can also regulate inflammation and help to improve digestion, and produce immune-system-modulating SCFA (Short Chain Fatty Acids)

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Atlantic City: Wellbeing by the Ocean

Get Sporty in AC too!

Golfers will be thrilled, with Atlantic City having been ranked among the Top Ten Golf Cities in America and if, as some say, you don’t want to ruin a good walk chasing a small white ball there is plenty more outdoors to keep focused on fitness. Sailing, canoe or kayak rental are available at nearby local, state and national parks including Atlantic County Park at Lake Lenape. Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and Bass River State Forest offer scenic views and incredible hiking trails for rustic keep fit. Whether you are a ‘gym-bunny’ or love to get on the water or the wilderness Atlantic City has great options wellness options blended with lots of fun and entertainment.

We were delighted to welcome The Mintridge Foundation ambassador, athlete, hockey captain, canoeist, record holder and Paralympian Laura Sugar to our #WeekdayWellness Zoom session on Friday last week.

Laura’s #JustSayYes attitude and her achievements are incredible. Watch to the Q&A with Laura below.

Sign up here to join #WeekDayWellness at 8am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Jenny Tomei for great online fitness and nutrition advice.

Everyone knows that if you’ve booked a holiday and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office advise against travel you are entitled to cancel your holiday. But are you worried about booking travel because of Covid-19 in circumstances where the UK Government doesn’t recommend against travel?

In this case Charitable Travel are delighted to offer our website visitors and customers access to travel insurance relevant to the current Covid-19 situation, providing additional peace of mind when booking their next holiday. Provided by Rush Insurance and underwritten by one of the leading providers of travel insurance and assistance in the UK, Allianz, with over 65 years’ experience in the travel industry.

Full details and conditions are available by clicking here but be assured that cover is provided for cancellation if you contract Covid-19 before departure, if you are asked to isolate by government track and trace facilities, if you are refused boarding at your UK airport due to showing

Symptoms, if you have to cut short your journey, and medical cover if you become ill with Covid-19 whilst overseas (including repatriation). Cruise travel is included too.

Rush can offer single and annual multi-trips, will seek to cover pre-existing medical conditions and can offer policies for individuals. Couples, families and groups.

Given our social purpose to help our customers donate to their choice of charity, at no extra cost, when booking a holiday we are desperate to get the country travelling again so together we can help great causes do their work. Getting travel insurance with Covid-19 cover is just another worry out of the way.