Czech Republic
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The Great Outdoors

If you prefer to get the blood pumping and witness incredible landscapes on your holidays, the Czech Republic deserves a high place on your travel bucket list. We’ve picked out a few reasons we know you’ll love the fantastic vistas and activities on offer in the Czech Republic.

Unforgettable 40,000km bike trails

The Czech Republic is criss-crossed by a staggering 37,000km of cycle routes. The Czech Republic is criss-crossed by a staggering 37,000km of cycle routes. Most notably is the Prague – Vienna Greenvways, covering almost 400km, and the Czech leg of the Iron Curtain trail from Bavaria to Austria. For those who like to keep the wine flowing as much as the blood pumping, we recommend the Moravian Wine Trails, a must-do for any wine or bike enthusiasts.  

With a wealth of diverse landscapes, favourable conditions and varying terrain, the Czech Republic makes for an adrenaline filled mountain biking trip. Ideal for clearing your mind after months of lockdown. From the top-rated Peklak bike park and resort in Ceska Trebova, to the mountain bike mad locals of Trutnov trails, mountain biking is a way of life in the Czech Republic

Discover the best kept wine secret of Europe.

South Moravia is the Czech Republic’s largest wine region, accounting for 96% of the country’s vineyards. In addition to wine festivities, festivals, and harvest, you can, for example, journey along one of the many wine trails and enjoy the picturesque scenery by either foot or bike. Call us today to plan your wine region exploration.

Discover a little piece of heaven

A unique combination of outlandish rock formations, dense pine forests, lordly castles and chateaux, countless lofty viewing points, hiking and cycling trails through the heart of the idyllic sandstone rocks. Discover the highest Czech mountain range in the Krkonoše National Park, follow in the footsteps of Albrecht von Wallenstein and the chateau at Hrubá Skála, as well as the Gold Route from the Bohemian Paradise area to Trosky Castle – you’ll find it all, and more, in Bohemian Paradise.

Trosky Castle at Hruba Skala
Learn the secrets of the Past

Home to a diverse variety of cultural and historic gems, South Bohemia is the land of fairy tale chateaux, ancient forests and rural farmland. Live as Czech noble families once did in the glittering ballrooms and gothic spires of Hluboka Castle. Soak up the tranquil silence along the banks of the glistening Lipno Reservoir or ascend into the leafy canopies at Lipno tree walk.