Czech Republic
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The Czech Republic’s spa offering boasts some of the oldest and most spectacular in Europe, with more than 30 spas located across the country’s diverse landscapes. Every may, the Czech spa season kicks off with a host of ceremonies in West Bohemia. Here you can experience the official ‘opening of the springs’ in Mariánské Lázně where traditional costumes and a series of cultural events take over the ancient town. In Karlovy Vary, you can witness the blessing of the mineral springs, complete with a centuries old parade led by the city’s founder Emperor Charles VI on horseback!

The Czech republic is a country where beer and wine are literally national treasures. During your visit make sure to head to a beer or wine spa which promise perfect please, not only for your taste buds, but for your body too!

Your Personal EDEN

Take the road less travelled and pave your own way to paradise. Discover the Czech Republic’s European Destinations of Excellence, and hike through the wild beauty of Bohemian Switzerland’s rocky National Park, revitialise mind, body, and spirit at Luhacovice’s traditional spas or sip on local wines from the vineyards of Moravia. Experience the Czech Republic a different way, visit lesser known areas, leave the crowds behind, and explore.


One thing we’ve learned from the chaos and confusion of this year, is that we don’t necessarily need to be in an office from 9-5 Monday to Friday as much as we once thought. If you’re itching for an escape of your home office/bedroom, the Czech Republic is an ideal destination for ‘workcations’. Centrally located, with amazing value restaurants and bars, paired with tranquil scenery, rural Bohemia and Moravia are the perfect place to stay for month-long experiences. Speak to a member of our team today to find your perfect holiday home in the Czech Republic.


The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s most underestimated golfing destinations. From the Kyle Phillps-designed soon-to-be completed PGA National Czech Republic on the outskirts of Prague, to the European Tour-designated Albatross Golf Resort, the Czech Republic is bursting with fantastic courses, breath taking scenery, and welcoming hospitality, the courses are waiting just for you.

Amazing Architecture

The Czech Republic has long been an important centre of architectural and urbanistic experiments. Whether it’s Art Nouveau, Modernist, of Gothic, the diverse architectural offering is a genuine marvel. Fans of the gothic style should not miss Prague, a city which feels incredibly medieval and uber modern at the same time. Or head to Brno, a living gallery of functionalism and explore the UNESCO-protected Modernist classic that s Villa Tugendhat for just a small taste of the country’s architectural excellence.

Ostrava is the city that kickstarted the industrial and technological development of the country. The industrial architecture of mining towers, furnaces, and the iconic skyline of the Vitkovice Ironworks are an unforgettable experience.

Jewish Heritage

The Jewish community in the Czech Republic was never very large, but it’s influence has been great and attracts tourists from all over the world. The Jewish Cemetery, Klausen Synagogue, Old New Synagogue, and the Jewish Ghetto in Prague, as well as the unique Jewish quarter in Trebic (registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List) offer rich history, beautiful traditions and important lessons to be learned.