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Transforming the lives of people affected by dementia by capturing their unique story in a free film
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My Life Films is a charity that uses personalised filmmaking to improve the lives of people affected by dementia. Our vision is a world where the lives of people with dementia aren’t defined by their illness.

How You Can Help
  1. Simply book your next holiday with Charitable Travel and tell us you want to support My Life Films. The charity will then benefit from the free donation you can make as part of the booking process. To read more about how this works, head to our ‘About Us‘ page.
  2. If you want to make a donation to My Life Films and you are not booking a holiday, click here to visit their website.
  3. Visit to sign up to newsletters, and follow the                            My Life Films social media pages, and help spread the word.

We create films that tell the life stories of people with dementia using their photos, favourite music and filmed interviews, and for every person, we make two films that have different impacts.

Our 30-minute Life Story Film provides people with dementia with a lasting form of reminiscence therapy that improves their self-esteem and boosts their wellbeing. Our five-minute Care Film gives their care workers a way to get to know them quickly, helping them to communicate effectively and enhancing person-centred care. 

Our filmmaking process brings together family and friends to share stories and capture memories of the person for generations to come, bringing comfort to loved ones in a difficult time. 

So far, we’ve made films for over 250 people with dementia and our impact was proven in a clinical trial by the NHS in 2018. We were awarded National Dementia Care Product of the Year in 2016, and after working with us, Hampshire County Council concluded, “in an ideal world, everybody living with dementia should have access to a tool such as this”.

Dementia Care Awards

Outstanding Dementia Care Product of the Year

My Life Films Ltd is a registered Charity No. 1157198 and registered Company in England & Wales No. 08898416.

Charity Awards

Charity Start Up of the Year

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My Life Films, Unit 2, Dickson House, 3 Grove Road, Richmond, TW10 6SP

Contact Giulia Bruzzone

Phone: 020 8948 7560

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