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SALT offers to travelers looking for cultural discoveries the opportunity to connect themselves with a destination, with its local population and to share the eco and sustainable tourism values. 

SALT resorts are designed to provide an experience in an authentic and elegant place, to get rest and to escape from the routine. Hotels are designed to dive into a local and colourful atmosphere strengthening a sense of sharing. We offer to each guest a guidebook written and edited by locals. He is walking around, off the beaten paths and discover the destination in a different light. 

SALT helps to open heart and mind to a transformational experience. 

SALT has ethical values, a state of mind, a way of living, working and protecting the environment. At SALT, operational needs are covered locally: the musical theme, gastronomy and furniture… We prioritise fare trade to reduce energy consumption and the waste production. The compost, Zero Food waste and zero single-use plastics are in our lifestyle at SALT. 

A stay at SALT is an experience where guests are invited to live like at home and to share the hotel life. For instance: Learning to bake bread in our SALT Bakery, cooking a Mauritian Curry with the cooking chief of the hotel, to wake up with a sunrise yoga session on the beach… 

These sharing moments are amazing and contribute to a real personal enrichment.