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Weekday Wellness Newsletter – Volume Five


Our weekly round-up from the Weekday Wellness sessions

Olympic Friday Fun!

On behalf of Charitable Travel, our destination partner Atlantic City USA and our chosen charity The Mintridge Foundation THANK YOU for keeping on joining #WeekdayWellness.

On Friday we were joined by another amazing and inspirational Mintridge Foundation Ambassador, Marilyn Okoro, who shared her tale of record-breaking athletics, Olympic achievement and some great hints and tips for mind and body as part of a wellness journey. Take a look at her Q&A here!

Great quotes for life from Marilyn:

“Setbacks are a part of life, keep pushing through” and “Always look for a positive in anything”. You bet Marilyn, that’s great advice.

If you love what we’re doing please tell your friends, colleagues and family to sign up here!

This weeks' live & learn



Need more help from Jenny?

Weekly recap

Finger on the Triggers
Learn about your triggers, in order take care of your own mental health.

Pick for Positivity
Surround yourself with the right people to keep on the ‘path’.

Creative & Smart Minds
Get creative with your daily life. Train smart more than hard as you get older. Quality over quantity!

YES Drill Sergeant!
Drills, repetitive actions in exercise and technique, are essential for muscle memory in training.

Superwomen & Supermen
Choose ‘super-foods’ to reduce inflammation in the body from stress of training, and to help keep the body balanced.

Mindful & Centred
Meditation and yoga in order to calm the mind, and to gain a sense of peace.

Is Salt Good for You?
Himalayan salt lamps, in order to get your room into a tranquil state. 

You CAN and you WILL!
Say positive affirmations to yourself to keep yourself on track and motivated. Why not make your own positive affirmations cards?

In the right frame of mind?
Everything we do in life starts with our mindset. Get there and try to stay there. Push negativity away.

Thank you Marilyn & Jenny!!

Atlantic City: LGBT+

Bet you didn’t know that back in the ‘50s, Atlantic City, NJ was a major destination for gay and lesbian visitors, before Key West and Provincetown.

Long before Stonewall and the first Gay Pride marches there was a prominent LGBT presence in AC.

In fact it’s thanks to the crowds of gay fans that the campy, fun Miss America “Show Us Your Shoes” 

Parade began decades ago and is still one of the most popular annual parades on the Boardwalk.

Casinos, resorts, hotels, spas, restaurants and nightclubs extend a warm invitation to LGBT visitors. Atlantic City’s current mayor, Don Guardian, is gay, so the welcome is from the leadership too!

Support the Homeless with a holiday booking from Charitable Travel