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Weekday Wellness Newsletter Volume One


Our weekly round-up from the Weekday Wellness sessions

Thank you for a great week of wellness with Jenny Tomei!

On behalf of Charitable Travel, our partner destination Atlantic City USA, and out chosen charity, The Mintridge Foundation, THANK YOU for a brilliant week of fitness & nutrition.
Thanks too for those who signed up to join us in the coming days and weeks to build on the feel good from the buzz of HIIT exercise and building a better relationship with food. Here’s a big shout out to James, Rhina, and Rebecca for keeping coming back for more!

Week One Highlights

Fitness: How to stay consistent with your exercise and nutrition!
Nutrition: How to establish good health after lockdown eases?

Remember, these sessions are for you, so please feel free to give feedback, ask questions, and share!

What did we learn?

Zoom Shot from Tuesday!

Eating well can be yummy too!

What’s clean eating? Ask Jenny!

Need more help from Jenny?

Fitness Weekly Recap

Track it
Track your workout sessions, in order to keep on top of your progress, this will help to keep you motivated

Slow and Gradual
Always start slowly if you’re new to exercise, then gradually increase the intensity of the workouts when you start to see improvements!

Pace yourself
You don’t need to start out exercising every day, just take your time, and ease yourself into a routine.

Consistency is everything, keep to an exercise routine that you can stick to, you will see more results this way.

Set Goals
Set yourself short term, realistic, and achievable goals. For example “This week I am going to try and manage two more half press-ups/ full press-ups than the previous week.”

Nutrition Weekly Recap

Get in the Habit
Form small habits, for example “This week I am going to drink two litres of water everyday”

Add Healthy – Don’t Deprive
If you’ve found you’ve been eating less healthy options in lockdown than you normally would, rather than focusing on the things you want to cut out from your diet, think about healthy options you’d like to add.

Atlantic City: Wellbeing By the Ocean

Where it all started

The beach is where it all started; pristine sand with healthy salt air and a developer who saw the promise it held. Now Atlantic City is one of the world’s favourite beach destinations. The beach differentiates itself from other gambling locales

During the summer, the beaches are guarded by the country’s first lifeguard organisation and the water is safe. visitors stroll, ride a bicycle, a tour the boardwalk on a distinctive rolling chair

The first permanent boardwalk was built in 1870 as a way to keep sand off of hotel carpets. Today, the boardwalk is more than 5 miles in length and 60 bet across at it’s widest point.

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