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Weekday Wellness Newsletter Volume Three


Our bi-weekly round-up from the Weekday Wellness sessions

#GutHealth! Yes that's what we said!

On behalf of Charitable Travel, our partner destination Atlantic City USA, and out chosen charity, The Mintridge Foundation, THANK YOU for two more brilliant weeks of fitness & nutritionThis week the focus has been on GUTS. But read more about that below.

Thanks so much for the committed hot weather heroes who have been joining # weekday Wellness to experience the feel good buzz of HIT exercise especially when the weather is so hot outside. Keeping hydrating was definitely the order of the day. Special thanks this week to CCFM Cabin Crew radio, for their shout outs this week about #Weekday wellness… We’re looking forward to our flyers joining our sessions!

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What did we learn?




How is exercise linked to good gut health? Studies have shown that exercise has a number of benefits which contribute towards our gut health. It is also linked to an increased number of beneficial microbial species.

Low intensity exercise can also help to relieve constipation and improve GI transit.

Yoga also has a positive effect on the gut-brain-axis, which is essential for our digestion, and has been shown to help improve our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Fitness fear? If you’re experiencing gut issues make sure you are looking forward to your workouts and not dreading them, as stress will exacerbate a GI problems!

Nutrition recap

How to optimise your gut health and digestion. Trillions of bacteria live in your GI tract! They are responsible for many different things including digestion, immune modulation, hormones, and many more!

Remember 70% of immune system is in your gut, so it’s important to feed and nourish all the good bacteria within our guts with pre-biotic rich foods and fermented foods.

What we pre-biotics? They are a type of carbohydrate found mostly in fibre-rich fruits, they are a type of fibre that. Stimulates the good bacteria within our guts.

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Atlantic City: Wellbeing by the Ocean

Sports and Recreation

Basking beside the boardwalk, beachside and overlooking the Atlantic ocean, Atlantic city offers so much, especially for keeping up your fitness, health, and wellbeing whilst enjoying the destination.

Great spas and fitness facilities are available at the world class resort hotels, but the wellness opportunities do not stop there. The water is safe thanks to stringent State water quality programmes. Swim, surf, sail or windsurf, or get those legs moving and run, bike ride, power walk, or simply stroll the four-mile Boardwalk. You will also find beach yoga to combine mindfulness with much needed vitamin D. Find out more here.

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