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Weekday Wellness – Volume Six


Our weekly round-up from the Weekday Wellness sessions

Day of Rest? Yes? No?

On behalf of Charitable Travel, our destination partner Atlantic City USA and our chosen charity The Mintridge Foundation THANK YOU for keeping on joining #WeekdayWellness.

Unusually (LOL) we didn’t have a Mintridge Ambassador Olympian visit last week but Friday capped off another great week of HIIT and nutrition, ending with an abs session and cool down before heading off for the long weekend.

Everyone had great plans, but was that all about rest or did everyone manage to get time for body and mind? Nutrition focused or blow out?

We’re taking a break from #WeekdayWellness on Monday but will be back on Wednesday at 8AM!!

Read on for a competition!
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This weeks' live & learn



Weekly recap

This week is all about FIBER

Good Plant Carbs!
It’s a carbohydrate found in plant foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Unlike other carbs, it isn’t easily digested by your body, so it passes quickly through your system without causing your blood sugar to rise.

It’s good to have thick skin
All fruits and vegetables have fiber, however it’s mostly concentrated in the skin, seeds, and membranes. This means an apple with the skin on has more fiber than a peeled banana!

It’s easier with stabilisers
Fibre helps to stabilise blood sugar levels, which helps to keep you fuller for longer, which means less afternoon cravings!

Get that filling feeling
Fiber fills your stomach,
stimulating receptors that tell your brain that it’s time to stop eating. Win-win!!

Swell with fiber pride
Fibre makes you full because
it swells in your stomach when it absorbs in liquid.

Sugar rush sugar?
Fiber makes blood sugar swings smaller, which means the post-spike dips are not as low. Hunger and cravings are less, so you are likely to eat less, and to choose less sugary foods than when you do not have fiber.

Come back next week for a great meal plan!!
See you Wednesday at 8AM.

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