Activity & Adventure Holidays from Charitable Travel

Ever thought about experiencing your favourite activity in brand new surroundings abroad or taking off for the once in a lifetime adventure holiday you’ve always dreamt of? Whatever your dream is, the team at Charitable Travel has a wealth of travel experience and new ideas to help you pick out just the right destination or holiday itinerary that will help those dreams come true.

If you’re looking for a new challenging golf course to practice your swing perhaps consider one of the premium resorts in nearby Portugal or why not travel further afield to play on the renowned courses in the USA or Bermuda? For avid cyclists Charitable Travel has exciting routes planned out along the quiet and scenic backroads of rural Sri Lanka, or through a timeless landscape of paddy fields and karst mountains in Vietnam. If you’re into walking or hiking we can recommend the green island of La Palma criss-crossed by signposted walking trails, or move up to the next level by taking on some of Iceland‘s dramatic treks through the dramatic landscape of volcanoes and glaciers? Maybe even consider following in the footsteps of Hillary and Tenzing on a bucket-list trek to the Everest Base Camp! It’s just one of the many itineraries on offer.

Looking to set off on an adventure trip to explore and experience a different world of sights, sounds and tastes? Charitable Travel literally does offer you the whole world for your new adventure. Ever wondered what life is like on a remote island in the South Pacific? If so, imagine a trip the sun-drenched Fiji Islands to drink kava with the locals and snorkel with manta rays at the reef, or to the Solomon Islands, islands truly off the beaten path, to discover a world of traditional villages, dense rainforests, and huge lagoons with sunken WWII warships.

Adventure Holidays from Charitable Travel

Adventure travel can of course be of the cultural and culinary kind too and Charitable Travel has ideal itineraries planned out for you. Start with a visit to Thailand‘s most famous temples and Wats including the renowned Temple of the Emerald Buddha in the grounds of Bangkok’s Grand Palace. Marvel at the astonishing temple complex of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, indisputably one of the wonders of the world, or travel through Central and South America to learn about the Maya and Inca societies and whose lost temples can be climbed above the dense jungle for the most unforgettable of views.

Inspired by the cooking shows on TV? How about broadening your culinary horizons with a trip to Vietnam to eat Pho (noodle soup) and bang xeo (crispy pancakes) sat on tiny plastic stools with the locals at a roadside eatery? Experience the sights and sounds of Seattle‘s Pike Place market in the USA or at Jagalchi Market in Busan, Korea where the amazing fresh fish and seafood comes straight from the ocean. Or take the ultimate culinary adventure challenge on a trip through Japan to taste sashimi served with soy and fiery wasabi washed down with a glass of sake, Japanese rice wine.

Charitable Travel can make all these fantastic activities and adventures a reality, and you’ll be accomplishing them alongside helping your chosen charity too. Contact us to start planning your once in a lifetime adventure holiday!

Activity & Adventure Holidays from Charitable Travel

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