Responsible and so called ‘slow travel’ philosophies create travel experiences that will not only benefit the planet, or minimise the impact, but also reward travellers with the knowledge that they have contributed towards the sustainability of their holiday environment. In affinity with Charitable Travel’s own philanthropic basis, our team will happily seek the best in ecotourism based holidays worldwide as well as offering a thoughtful range of slow travel holiday ideas that will be sure to match the pace of travel you’re seeking. We will however be guided by our customers choice, because ultimately any holiday we sell will create much needed income for the charity chosen by our customer. Better to sell a holiday, legally, than decline to the detriment of charity.

There are some destinations in the world where ecotourism and responsible travel were established as founding principles to their tourism industry. Costa Rica for example has 26% of its landmass set aside as protected National Parks, and this country’s eco-lodges are its true gems set amidst the verdant rain or cloud forest environment. Other destinations offer the visitor the opportunity to help with local wildlife conservation efforts such as protecting turtle eggs at Selingan Turtle Island in Borneo or to support tree planting as part of their reforestation programmes such as seen on Big Island, Hawaii. Many of hotels and resorts offered by Charitable Travel pride themselves on a gamut of sustainable practices too, going so much further than just replacing plastic straws and cups, we offer for example hotels in Clearwater, Florida where the water supply is self-sufficient and purified, South Beach, Miami properties using organic linens and electric bikes for local transportation, and of course fantastic five star resorts in Dubai and Abu Dhabi whose power supply is nearly all solar. Finally Charitable Travel will also provide their customers with the opportunity to offset their travel’s carbon emissions so that the impact on the environment is reduced too. We are working on our partner for this and hope to have made the right choice soon.

Very much linked to responsible travel and its embrace of ecotourism, the concept of ‘slow travel’ is focused very much on the rewards of being in one place to soak up the local atmosphere as well as leisurely forms of transport that allow visitors to take in the sights at a much slower pace, and to recharge and refresh as they go. Slow travel encompasses a diversity of options. Rail travel is available across our world of travel and offer the opportunity of a lower carbon impact and generally more sedate pace than frenetic air travel. Of course it is possible, if you have the time, to leave the UK by rail and connect with the incredible network across Europe and even Trans-Siberian!

By boat imagine meandering the backwaters of Kerala in India aboard a traditional rice barge where you’ll be able to relax and enjoy all the local sights and sounds as the local crew navigate the network of canals. You can even sleep on deck under the stars if you wish! Afloat perhaps try a canal staycation, or maybe a sailing holiday in the Greek Islands. Of course you have to fly there, but then the power of the wind in your genoa is all that is needed to cruise from place to place.

Another great way to have the full slow travel experience is to take one of Charitable Travel’s cycling or walking holidays. Perfect for families, choose from destinations such as Italy, France or even further afield in Sri Lanka and you’ll soon be pedalling around colourful local villages, green fields and enjoying the local food and drink. If taking a slow train ride would suit you more, we can suggest taking a leisurely yet stunning trek on the line between the royal city of Mandalay and the hill town of Hsipaw in Myanmar. You’ll enjoy gorgeous views along the way and hold your breath as the train inches over the dramatic Goetik Viaduct.

Whether you choose a responsible or slow style holiday or both, Charitable Travel can arrange the perfect trip to meet your expectations and budget, as well as giving you the opportunity to support your own preferred charity at the same time.

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