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inside your dreams

Close your eyes. Walk along the endless coastline of the three peninsulas, swim in the fjord-like bays with emerald beaches and coves, hike majestic mountains, smell the smoothing scent of pine trees, explore the stage of thriving life and civilization –like the thousand year old monastic state of Mount Athos, a unique UNESCO Heritage site and Ancient Stagira, the birthplace of the great philosopher Aristotle.

Halkidiki is the fusion of Mediterranean light, lively communities and a glorious past. Here you can taste the flavors of local gastronomy, experience the spirituality of religious traditions and monasteries, feel the openness and hospitality of the locals and explore an unspoiled landscape through a wide range of outdoor activities.

It’s truly a place of dreams.. and your dream has just begun..

The 3 peninsulas which are shaped like Poseidon’s trident and sticks out into the Aegean Sea, make Halkidiki, the prefecture with the longest stretch of coastline (550 klm) in mainland Greece with more than 1.000 beaches.

Its peninsula- cosmopolitan Kassandra, natural Sithonia and spiritual & authentic Athos- has its own special characteristics and offers a different experience: tourism to the max in the first, escapes in nature in the second and serenity in the third.

Halkidiki is like 3 different islands in ONE destination.

Turquoise waters, dense pine forests, dreamy hotels, delicious local dishes, wineries, archaeological sites, byzantine towers, traditional villages, a world famous cave (Petralona Cave) and of course Mount Athos (UNESCO): a microcosm of miracles. Made to be explored with all your senses!  

Halkidiki at Mediterranean Travel Month 2021