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With Charitable Travel, UK holidaymakers can donate a portion of their holiday price to the charity of their choice at no extra cost!

On average, travel agents earn commission on every holiday they sell. We sacrifice around HALF of this commission to help support great causes as part of our #TravelforGood philosophy.

Our customers can choose to donate 5% of their holiday price DIRECT to the charity of their choice, as long as that charity is registered on the JustGiving donation platform. If your charity is not registered on JustGiving you can sign up for free. Once this donation has been paid, we discount the cost of their holiday by the same 5%, effectively making the customer’s donation free.

To find out more about our social enterprise and how it works, click the button below for a downloadable PDF document.

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We recently held a ‘How to Fundraise Through Supporters’ Holidays’ webinar. Fill out this form to sign up and view or download the recording!

How to be a part of the #TravelforGood revolution


Drop an email to us at [email protected], or call us on 020 3092 1288 and select option 3 to speak to us directly.


Sign our template CPA, with a ‘wet signature’, or provide your own CPA for us to sign and return to you. Return the CPA along with all the necessary content for us to create a landing page and #OneAmazingMinute for your approval.


Once the landing page is approved, we will add you to our Great Causes Gallery and share with you some marketing collateral to share with your supporters. Remember, the more you talk about our partnership, the more donations your charity will receive!

What can we do for you?

Landing Page

We will host a landing page for your charity on, with your approved content, for as long as you are happy for us to do so. This page will essentially be a case for support, targeted towards potential supporters, and will contain links to places to donate, social media accounts, your website, specific projects, or anything else you think is necessary.

Our YouTube channel showcases the incredible work of our charity partners alongside the fascinating destinations that our customers can book with us. To be featured, just send us any video content you have, between 50 and 80 seconds in length and we will add endcards with Charitable Travel branding as well as yours. Click here for examples!

Weekly Special Offers

Each week we handpick a selection of staycation and abroad special offers. We then overbrand these offers and share them with our charity partners. So every week you receive high quality images and incredible special offers with your branding to share with your supporters either via emailer, or on your social media channels.

Social Media Shout Outs

Got an event, awareness day, fundraising project, or piece of good news to share? Let us know and we can share it on our social media channels.

Our magazine combines good news, great causes, amazing destinations, travel opinion pieces, and interviews with fascinating public figures. In each edition we hold a number of advertising spaces for charities  to utilise, and we offer ‘advertorial’ articles such as ‘A day in the life’ which follows a charity staff member or volunteer through a typical day at work, and ‘Why I donate’ from a donor. See the latest issue here!

Charitable Group Brands

One social enterprise combining charity with another big industry wasn’t enough for our founder. During the COVID19 pandemic, she also founded our sister brands Charitable PR & Podcasts, Charitable Radio, and Charitable Shopping!
Head to to learn more and get involved.

TL:DR – Check out this video instead!

Our Current Charity Partners

We’re currently already working with over 150 charities of all sizes across the UK, delivering incredible work and supporting people, the environment and wildlife all over the world. Click the button below to see some of our existing partners.

Spend #OneAmazingMinute with our current Charity Partners