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What's it all about?

Lying in the far south of the Caribbean, Grenada is dubbed the Spice Island. No building is permitted to be taller than a palm tree on this unspoilt isle, but with white sand beaches and luxurious resorts along its Caribbean coast, pounding surf and hidden coves on its rugged Atlantic side, a wild rainforest interior and a bustling capital, you’ll never be bored.

Hit the Beach

There are 45 white sand beaches and nine black sand beaches on Grenada. Grand Anse is the most  famous and bustling stretch of sand. Other beauties include Morne Rouge Bay, a perfect crescent hugged by greenery; Pink Gin Beach’s rose-hued sand with views of St George’s; the rugged and deserted La Sagesse and Magazine Beach, home of the funky Aquarium restaurant.

Sugar and Spice

Grenada is a bountiful island where avocados and bananas grow at the side of the road. It produces 20% of the world’s supply of nutmeg, along with other spices like cloves, cinnamon, mace and turmeric, and you can visit the Gouyave Nutmeg Processing Station to learn more about 
the so-called ‘black gold’. There’s also the Belmont Estate, an old plantation where you can wander gardens of sugar cane and orchids, learn how chocolate is produced and feast on fresh goats’ cheese. Grenada’s food scene ranges from fine dining at the late Gary Rhodes’ restaurant in The Calabash Hotel to home cooked soul food like green banana salad and gingered pork at Patrick’s.

Explore the capital

Colourful homes line the narrow streets which wind up into the hills surrounding the attractive harbour of St George’s. At the centre of town is the market square, where sunwrinkled, smiling ladies sell spices, rum and other local produce. It’s worth visiting Fort Frederick for the commanding views over the city from its well-preserved battlements.

The Grenada Chocolate Company is a pioneer in organic and sustainable chocolate.

Adventure awaits

The Grand Etang National Park is just part of the mountainous rainforest which smothers Grenada and draws hikers and nature lovers alike. The lush vegetation includes mahogany and giant gommier trees, ferns and tropical flowers and is home to monkeys, armadillos, mongoose and hummingbirds. A refreshing way to see the tropical scenery is by tubing down the Balthazar River, spinning through the swirling currents. There are many waterfalls in Grenada, including Annandale Waterfall where you can join locals jumping from the top into the natural pool. Or walk the wild St Margaret’s Trail for an insight into what life was like for the indigenous Carib and Arawak people and you’ll stop at the cool blue Seven Sisters waterfall. Activities in Grenada include sailing, kayaking, snorkelling or fishing on the water and horse riding, quad biking and island tours on land. The latter cover the Atlantic coast, rainforest, numerous pretty villages and attractions like the River Antoine Rum Distillery.

Under the sea

Beneath the tranquil sea, Grenada is teaming with life and colour. Log book entries for divers here include gentle nurse sharks, stately turtles, walking frog fish and gliding eagle rays, as well as the vivid corals and sponges they live amongst. Grenada is famous for wrecks, particularly the Bianca C, a 180-metre cruise liner which sank in 1961 and whose decks are now patrolled by reef sharks. There’s also an underwater sculpture park

And another thing...

Grenada has some unique accommodation options……

True Blue Bay Resort
This down to-earth and characterful resort is popular with sailors and divers and its lively restaurant, the Dodgy Dock, looks out over a marina.

A secluded boutique resort, LaLuna has just 16 suites and two villas with romantic Balinese décor and plunge pools, plus a spa and Italian/ Caribbean restaurant.

Petite Anse Hotel
This 11-room hotel is set in a secluded spot above Grenada’s dramatic north coast, with colonial-style décor and a pool and Jacuzzi as well as a deserted beach.

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