Beach Holidays With Charitable Travel

Most of us have fond memories of our first beach holidays and delighting in going paddling and swimming, investigating rock pools and building sandcastles. Perhaps this is why many of us have become beach-lovers and dream of finding the perfect beach or returning to our favourite spot on the shore. At Charitable Travel we’re here to arrange the most attractive, competitively priced beach breaks you could wish for or guide you the most idyllic beaches you can imagine.

A beach getaway can of course mean different things to different people. If for you the perfect beach means pristine, sugar-white sand, then Charitable Travel can highly recommend for example Grace Bay in the Turks and Caicos Islands whose pristine sands are lapped by electric blue waters and 16 km (10 miles) length means that everyone has their space to enjoy the beach. Similarly the beaches of Barbados‘ West coast are renowned for their beauty and gentle waves, and if you’re looking for more than one such beach at your destination then Antigua in Caribbean boasts a remarkable 365 beaches, one for every day of the year!

Maybe you’re looking for a more secluded beach off the beaten path where you can just enjoy the peace of the warm sand cooled by the sea breezes and with just the sound of the waves in the background. At Charitable Travel we’ve already searched out the best spots for you, and our insider-tips include the less-travelled islands in the Gulf of Thailand such as Koh Samet or Koh Lone, the serenity of the Maldive Islands where some islands are so small you can walk around them in minutes, Joatinga Beach south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where the dense jungle comes right down to the shoreline, or the aptly named Lovers Beach at Nevis in the Caribbean, recently visited by Prince Harry.

If for you your ideal beach getaway means plenty of fun, activities, good beach facilities, and perhaps even a party scene then Charitable Travel has some great suggestions. Think about Punta del Este in Uruguay which has long led the South American scene for the fun-loving set. This glamorous resort has a collection of fabulous beaches, stylish restaurants and cafes and plenty of beach-chic fashion on show. Equally, why not consider South Beach, Miami famous for its nightlife and art-deco hotels, or perhaps the well-known island of Cozumel in Mexico, a year-long party island.

Maybe you’re taking the family and are looking for a beach getaway suitable for the little ones or a beach area where older children and parents can try out watersports such as sailing, kite surfing, snorkelling or to learn how to surf or boogie board. Family- friendly beach destinations we would recommend would be the Canary Islands where many Spanish hotels have welcomed families for years, Malta for a more home-from-home holiday experience, or perhaps Greece and in particular the three-fingered Halkidiki peninsulas whose gently sloping beaches and calm waters allow the kids to play safely.

Charitable Travel can make your beach getaway dream come true, and you’ll be enjoying your break as well as helping your designated charity at the same time.

Beach Holidays With Charitable Travel

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