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Become a social enterprise partner

With Charitable Travel, UK holidaymakers can donate a portion of their holiday price to the UK registered social enterprise, B Corp or charity of their choice at no extra cost!

On average, travel agents earn commission on every holiday they sell. We sacrifice around HALF of this commission to help support great causes as part of our #TravelforGood philosophy.

Your supporters who become our customers can choose to donate 5% of their holiday price to the social enterprise or B Corp of their choice, as long as that social enterprise meets certain conditions. Charities have different conditions so please click here if you are registered as a charity. Once this donation has been made to your social enterprise following the steps we will explain, we discount the cost of their holiday by the same 5%, effectively making the customer’s donation free.

Imagine if one of your supporters books a £5,000 holiday, that will create a £250 donation to help your work! The donation is made direct to you by the supporter.

To find out more about Charitable Travel working with social enterprises and B Corp and how it works please read this document, or reach out to [email protected] so we can meet online and go through everything.

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What's included?

Remember – everything we do to support your social enterprise is free of charge.

We create a dedicated landing page for your social enterprise. Here is an example of another social enterprise that is a partner. We provide the link to the landing page for your approval or modification until you approve.

We provide a weekly holiday special offer email, bespoke to your social enterprise to share with your supporters and on social media. 

We can provide social media graphics, assets etc. for you to share with your supporters about helping your social enterprise through fundraising.

We offer 8 free half pages in our award-winning magazine bi-monthly, on a first come first served basis, so that you can promote your social enterprise to our audience. Check out our latest magazine here

We offer a free editorial feature on your social enterprise, subject to editorial discretion on a first come first served basis, in Charitable Traveller Magazine. Here’s a piece we’ve published previously.

We promote your social enterprise via social media and our blogs.

How to be a part of the #travelforgood revolution

Getting involved as a partner is easy. Simply follow these steps.


Register your social enterprise with us by clicking here. We’ll be in contact to tell you more, and to start the partner process. There is no charge.


Once you are happy to proceed sign our template partnership agreement, with a ‘wet signature’. Return the agreement along with all the necessary content for us to create a landing page.


Once the landing page is approved, we will add you to our Great Causes Gallery and share with you some marketing collateral to share with your supporters. Remember, the more you talk about our partnership, the more donations your charity will receive!

Until you’re signed up, you cannot create donations through Charitable Travel.

Our Current Social Enterprise partners

We’re currently already working with over 250 charities and a range of social enterprises across the UK, delivering incredible work and supporting people, the environment and wildlife all over the world. Click the button below to see some of our existing partners.