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Four Views of South Moravia

This corner of the Czech Republic is a delight to explore, full of natural beauty and great flavours.

Four Views of South Moravia is a feature from Issue 13 of Charitable Traveller. Click to read more from this issue.


This ornate castle is part of the Lednice- Valtice area, the largest artistically designed landscape in the world, developed between the 17th and 20th centuries. The Baroque Chateau Valtice meets the Neo-Gothic Lednice Chateau in 280km² of pristine parkland.


Embroidered outfits, painted ceramics, songs and dance are alive and well in South Moravia, and are shared, developed and passed on to the next generation. And it’s not just the grandparents keeping these stories alive, they’re cherished and passed on to the children too. The Strážnice Open-Air Museum should be your first place to explore, and nearby you’ll also find the decorative wine cellars called Plže.


Moravian Karst is the largest karst region in Central Europe. With over 1,100 caverns and gorges formed in the limestone, it’s a mythical maze of geological marvels, and is full of outlandish rock formations and natural phenomena. Take a boat tour along the subterranean River Punkva and see the 138m-deep Macocha Abyss from the bottom or visit the wonderfully Gothic Main Dome of the Katerinské Caves.


Recognised by wine judges the world over, South Moravia’s wine is produced in four distinct regions: Znojmo; Mikulov; Velké Pavlovice; and Slovácko. Riesling, Gewürztraminer and a domestic variety of Pinot Gris are among some of the grapes grown, and the sweet ice wines (made from pressed frozen grapes) are a speciality. Winemakers open their cellars to visitors for tastings, or time your visit to the local festivals and banquets.