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Florida Keys
Florida, USA
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At the southernmost tip of Florida lies an idyllic set of islands known as The Florida Keys and Key West. 126 miles of palms and beaches, with water as clear and as vibrant as an aquamarine. 

Visitors to the islands can easily board a direct flight to Miami from the UK, pick up a rental car, sling their bags in the back put their sunnies on and begin their road trip adventure down to the Keys. 

The Overseas highway links all the islands and makes not only travelling between them incredible easy, but part of the adventure. Nothing feels more freeing than a warm glow on your skin, and a breeze through your hair while you watch the sunlight glitter off the ocean as you zoom towards a golden horizon, suspended somewhere between sea and sky. 

In the Florida Keys you are a world away from the theme parks of central Florida, in a place that envelopes you with its warmth and beauty and grants you permission to shed the worries of the real world you just left behind. Here you can embrace wide open spaces and relax in a culture that welcomes everyone, just as they are. 

The turquoise blue waters that surrounds Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine Key and Key West is a treasure trove both above and below. Divers and snorkeler’s splash down into the only living coral reef in North America to discover nature’s idea of an aquarium, while fishermen anticipate the challenge of catching their dinner and kite surfers await the caress of the light trade winds. 

On land discover the art galleries, independently owned cafes, varied museums or just sit and relax in the abundant sunshine and recharge your batteries. Then celebrate the setting of the sun each night, at any time of year, by enjoying a cocktail or two, the local live music, authentic diverse cuisine and lively atmosphere. 

The Florida Keys are a wonderful conservation and education destination as well, there are always projects for volunteers to get involved in. Organisations such as the Key Deer Refuge, The Dolphin Research Centre, Turtle Hospital, Aquarium Encounters and the Great White Heron National Refuge are all places in The Keys that seeks to engage and educate visitors in the conservation of these incredible islands, so that we can all continue to enjoy the oasis for many years to come. 

Florida Keys and Key West at USA Travel Month 2020

As seen in
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