The concept of ‘safari’ is a journey to observe animals in their own natural habitats, and Charitable Travel has planned out for you fantastic safari travel adventures to the four corners of the earth to take you there. With so much focus these days on caring for our planet, the environment and all its creatures, taking a safari can bring a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural world around us and all its inhabitants. With this in mind, taking a safari holiday can help support the sustainability of the natural habitats visited as well as encouraging local communities to protect the animals being visited and provide employment for them. To support these principals, Charitable Travel has carefully selected and works with safari providers who follow sustainable policies of ecotourism as well as fully supporting animal charities both in the UK and overseas.

The first classic safari destination that will probably come to mind is Africa and perhaps Kenya whose National Parks of Tsavo and Amoboseli offer wildlife viewing in the awesome shadow of Kilimanjaro. Here you’ll also have the opportunity to interact with the colourful local Maasai tribes people, see and feel their leaping barefoot dances, and to take a walking safari with their guides through one of the Maasai Mara’s conservation areas. Remember too that many of Kenya’s safari parks are an easy drive from the coast at Mombasa allowing you to combine your wildlife viewing with a spot of beach relaxation by the beautiful Indian Ocean before or after your safari adventures.

Elsewhere in Africa you may consider Tanzania for a safari through its vast savannah plains, perhaps at migration time when herds of wildebeest attempt to cross croc-infested rivers – one of the greatest natural spectacles on earth. Alternatively South Africa can offer some very luxurious forms of safari travel where you’ll still be seeing the ‘Big 5’ (lions, elephants, rhinos, buffaloes & leopards) but also have the opportunity to stay in some swish safari lodges or even luxurious tented encampments where you’ll be sure to feel connected to nature. Every morning knowledgeable and experienced guides will take you out on drives to spot and learn about the animals in their own habitats, enjoy wonderful photo opportunities and even get up close. This also makes an ideal travel adventure for families to learn and appreciate safari together.

Of course you can go on safari on other continents too where you might wish to consider different ‘transportation’ options too. How about a trek on the back of an elephant through the lush jungle of the Golden Triangle in Northern Thailand, on horseback with the gauchos through the Pampas plains of Argentina or on a gentle donkey safari in Cyprus? Alternatively why not go on a walking safari following the Inca Trail in Peru or the cloud forests in Costa Rica bird-spotting as you go? Everyone will have their own idea of what style of safari will suit them best, and the team at Charitable Travel can arrange the perfect trip to meet your expectations and budget, as well as giving you the opportunity to support your own preferred charity at the same time.

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