Every penny of profit earned by Charitable Travel, everything we do and everything we offer our customers, supports charity fundraising and good causes.

Welcome to the world of Charitable Travel. We are a registered social enterprise and a financially protected travel agency. Our purpose and mission is to help you with your holiday plans and at the same time support the great work that UK-based charities deliver around the world. When you book a holiday or cruise with us, we sacrifice travel agency commission so you can make a free five percent donation to your choice of registered charity through our dedicated JustGiving website. We pride ourselves in offering travel expertise, a wide choice of holiday options, quality, great value and a unique way of creating travel-for-good for our customers as a true not-for-private-profit social enterprise.

Words from our Founder

People have asked me whether I was mad to start a travel company during the COVID19 pandemic in April 2020. I think what saves me from that label is that Charitable Travel is a social enterprise rather than a private enterprise and has a clear social purpose to help charity fundraising. The charity sector at this time of global challenge has never need help more so, when we were ready to launch, I didn’t want to waste a moment to start delivering ‘travel for good’.

My background has been the travel industry for the last 33 years, and always working for a private or institutional owners until now. I am blessed that I have loved almost every day of my career, my roles have shown me the world and introduced me to fascinating and wonderful people wherever I have been fortunate to visit. The travel industry gets into your blood, I love it.

My last role in the private sector was as managing director for a sizeable tour operator and I’ve been fortunate too to have been rewarded fairly for the hard work I’ve put in over the years – I’m not wealthy but I have enough. I felt when leaving my last corporate role that there had to be another way, some way of combining my love for the people and places of travel, a desire to deliver great service and travel experiences to my customers with the ability to make a difference for society at large rather than any shareholder.

For me that combinations was Charitable Travel. My most memorable moment was that ‘eureka moment’ in September 2019 when I finally joined all the dots in my thinking to create a unique model of social enterprise and giving that coupled travel and tourism with the ability to support myriad great causes.

As a social enterprise there is a guarantee in Company Law and our governing document that every penny of our profit goes to good causes. Our mission is regulator approved, to help fundraising for any registered charity and help our customers give to charity at no extra cost.
My hope is that Charitable Travel is successful delivering ‘travel for good’ and our charity and travel colleagues, but most importantly our customers join us making a difference.

Thank you.