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The crimson sandstone seduction has long captivated people in Sedona. It is the enticement of stunning beauty in a backcountry that is untamed yet surprisingly accessible. You can immerse yourself in wilderness and be back in time for a delicious meal or soothing massage. It is a place where you can create lifetime memories.

Don’t think the outdoor adventure ends when the sun sets. As the sun sinks on the horizon, a violet-and-cinnamon-coloured sunset lights up the sky as rock formations change colour and character. That azure sky turns into a glittering blanket of stars at night. Sedona is an official International Dark Sky Community and is a paradise for stargazers.

Sedona captures our imagination because of the surrounding presence of Native American culture. You can see Native American art and influence everywhere. Sedona is a place where you can buy authentic, one-of-a-kind works of art.

Centuries ago, Native Americans established spiritual connections with Sedona. Many believe that the land of Sedona has mystical properties. It is known for its vortexes – points at which the earth emits waves of energy. These sites are thought to enhance prayer, meditation and stress reduction. Sedona’s spiritual practitioners, health-conscious dining options, spas and holistic services offer opportunities for finding balance and well-being. It is a place for reflection and new beginnings.

A morning spent hiking or biking… an afternoon of jeep tours or dipping in swimming holes… Sedona’s great outdoor activities are sure to work up a healthy appetite. Sedona’s restaurants cater to every taste – from breakfast to dinner and from healthy to indulgent, you will find plenty of choices.

Despite the small-town charm of Sedona, Red Rock Country is surprisingly large. Even frequent visitors rarely have a chance to do more than scratch the surface. There’s much more to see if you know where to look. Sedona’s Secret 7 guides visitors to quiet corners to discover new wonders. On, you can learn local secrets on seven categories – hiking trails, biking trails, vistas, picnics, arts and culture, stargazing, and spiritual. Within each category, seven locations are revealed for a total of 49 hidden gems.

Like many great works of art, Sedona is breath-taking yet fragile. Help us honour the majesty of our surroundings by staying on trails, appreciating silence, supporting our local businesses, and walking, biking or using transit whenever possible. Add extra satisfaction to your Sedona journey by your informed and caring interaction with our environment. Learn more at Before your visit, make sure to take the Sedona Cares Pledge and help us keep Sedona beautiful for generations to come.

After a long day of adventure, don’t you love the feeling of sleeping in a comfortable bed? Something about the beauty of Sedona inspires innkeepers to create little lodging masterpieces. Select a room that is perfect for you and make it a hub for your Arizona vacation.

Unplug and connect in Sedona, Arizona, your next vacation destination.