Stuffed full of contradictions, Europe is the best location for any type of holiday. If you want something steeped in history and ancientry, Rome is ideal, with buildings like the Colosseum and the Pantheon. Or maybe the uber modern Berlin is the place for you. For a beach holiday you have plenty of location to choose from all along the southern coast of Europe from the French Riviera to the borders of Turkey and Cyprus, you’ll find thousands of beaches perfect for lounging and catching some rays. The wild landscape of Europe also lends itself to skiing holidays, and there are a staggering 3649 ski resorts in the continent, so you’re sure to find something perfect for your needs.

Malta has been high on our travel bucket list for some time now. With an average of 300 days of sunshine and 12 Blue Flag beaches, the island is the perfect place for a bit of relaxation and sunbathing. If you’d prefer to be more active on holiday, there are plenty of activities available for you to take part in, rock-climbing, hiking, water-sports, diving, and golf to name a few. The island has 7000 years of history and it’s impossible to miss a second of it, from the Christian influence of St. Paul in 60 AD through the rule of the Sovereign Military Order of St, John of Jerusalem between 1530 to 1798 and the French presence from 1798 to 1800 when the British took over sovereignty until 1964. Each period of the island’s history is represented in the architecture, language, culture, and cuisine.

For a more active holiday, Europe has a huge amount of skiing resorts to choose from.  For example, Zermatt, Switzerland. The town lies beneath the Matterhorn peak, one of the highest in the Europe. There are more than 240 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, as well as more than 200 miles of pistes. Don’t forget to get in some après ski at the end of an exhilarating day in the snow. The Hennu Stall at the lower half of Furi-Zermatt this stand has live bands and music is the perfect place to let loose.

For the perfect romantic city break, Paris, France has everything you could want. Beautiful buildings and romantic paths to get lost amongst, cosy and intimate restaurants and so many locations for perfect Instagram shots. For the ultimate sightseeing tour, make sure you get to the Eiffel Tower, the river Seine, the Louvre museum and the Notre Dame. You could see a show at the Moulin Rouge, or try a river boat cruise for the perfect evening in the city of love. Don’t forget that Disneyland is a few miles outside of the city for a little taste of magic before heading back home.

Or you could realise your dream of living like Bill Anderson and Donna Sheridan in Mamma Mia and sail around the islands of Greece. There are hundreds of islands that make up the beautiful landscape that is Greece, with the more populated ones all exhibiting the typical Grecian style of white pillbox buildings. 80% of the country is mountains and hills, making it the perfect place to try your hand (or foot) at hiking or trekking. The thousands of miles of coastline lend itself to a plethora or water-sports and activities, as well as relaxed beach resorts. For a more historic holiday, there are plenty of historic sites to visit in Greece, for example the Acropolis in Athens, the Asklepion in Kos, and numerous other temples, cathedrals and castles.

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