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Whether it be wild and authentic game viewing in the Luangwa Valley, the magnificence of the mighty Zambezi River, the wide-open wilderness of Kafue or the amazing tribal festivals, no matter what you seek… Everyone Falls For Zambia. 

Home of the Victoria Falls, Zambia offers a truly authentic African Holiday experience, where the only thing that gets spoiled is you. 

The country lies in the heart of Southern Africa, 10 to 18 degrees south of the equator and is bordered by eight countries. One overriding impression strikes visitors as they travel around Zambia – the country’s sheer size. Lying in the tropical belt of southern Africa, it covers 752, 618 square kilometres (thats the same size as Germany combined with Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Hungary). 

Key locations to check out are the iconic Victoria Falls close to the historic town of Livingstone, the adventurous  South Luangwa and North Luangwa National Parks, the untouched wilderness of the Lower Zambezi National Park, and the open plains of Liuwa, and finally the massive and diverse Kafue National Park. 

Zambia is rich with wildlife, has captivating culture and provides scenery that will simply take your breath away. 

As a destination, Zambia has enormous diversity and caters to travellers of all ages. There is a wide array of adrenaline producing activities for the adventurous (such as white water rafting and bungee jumps at the country’s most famous site – the iconic Victoria Falls). You can take to the skies to see the Falls from above, travel on a luxury old colonial steam train passing over the Victoria Falls Bridge, or wade in the ‘Devil’s Pool’ to experience the Falls really close up. 

At Victoria Falls, there’s no better place to immerse yourself in some of Zambia’s varied culture than a trip around the town of Livingstone. Here you can learn about the country’s vibrant history and its connections to explorer David Livingstone, the first European to see the Falls in 1855 or visit local markets full of colour and vitality. 

For wildlife, there is no better place than Zambia. Safari game drives in any of the country’s national parks offer incredible up close experiences, meaning you’ll head home with memories that will last forever. Why not try something a little different too, like a walking safari or a boat safari? You can even canoe down the streams whilst elephants bathe nearby. 

As part of our Africa Travel Month in October, we were joined by Tim from Zambia tourism to tell us all about the beautiful country. Watch the recording here!

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