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Cyclades, Greece – Cyclades Islands

Cyclades Green Volunteers is a programme led by the Cyclades Preservation Fund (CPF) enabling interested active citizens and visitors to engage with local environmental protection efforts in the amazing Cyclades islands in Greece.

The programme provides basic online trainings in English about ecological issues in the Cyclades, giving practical action suggestions for anyone visiting or living in the Cyclades to serve the preservation of Cycladic nature and proposed local initiatives for visitors to engage with and offer help.

Visitors and residents are invited to become volunteers through small or big actions that support local champions and organisations who in turn share their experience and wisdom through the series of 4 webinars:
1. In the Sea: Lessons and actions for the Aegean
2. On the Land: For love of Cycladic nature
3. Local Participation: Respecting the place you live
4. Be an eco-visitor: Giving back to the islands that you love

Any Cycladic island you are visiting can benefit from some of the basic concepts the Cyclades Preservation Fund offer for positive travelling. Take the time to choose more local, seasonal, and low-impact options when it comes to produce, businesses, and leisure, to contribute to strengthening those aspects of the local economy, which have wide-ranging impacts on the agroecological footprint of islands.

Explore the Cyclades Green Volunteers map of local initiatives and read more about any initiative you would like to reach out to or support.

Wildlife sightings can likewise happen on any island. Knowing that you can either report sightings of certain species, or what to do if you find an injured animal can help organisations operate more effectively for wildlife preservation. And remember, whatever the wildlife, give it space and respect, this is their home, and human activity can disturb non-human kin, from seabirds to insects.

The duration of the proposed activities may vary from 5 minutes (fill in the right form to report observations of wildlife), to some hours (collect any plastic you may find on an old walking route or place a fallen stone), some days/a week (help to feed stray dogs and cats in an animal welfare shelter) or even 2/3 weeks (join as a volunteer in the Aegean wildlife hospital)!

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