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Colourful orange groves surround stunning ancient ruins, rugged cliffs embrace idyllic calm turquoise waters, and shady pine covered mountains are brought to life with clusters of stone-built villages begging to be explored. Amidst the wide diversity of cultural and natural heritage is a burgeoning cosmopolitan life boasting towns where glamorous restaurants sit side by side trendy boutiques, as winding old streets dotted with quaint taverns give way to contemporary galleries or artistic cafes. Sit down to take in all the splendour and you’ll be made to feel right at home as the locals warmly entice you to join their world where every visitor is made to feel like one of their own.  

Lovers of the Mediterranean often flock to the island of Aphrodite to catch their breath in a place where time stands still amidst the beauty of nature. Famed for its spectacular beaches, the crystal-clear Cypriot waters are designated among the cleanest in the world and provide for a whole range of unique experiences. Thrill seekers dive off the caves of the picturesque Cape Gkreko, others choose to lay back on the soft white sands of the Agia Napa and Protaras coves, while real nature lovers explore the wild Akamas Peninsula spotting where baby turtles hatch in the protected Lara Bay.  

Take a step away from the scenic coast and a green pine clad world awaits as the Troodos Mountains provide a welcome escape. A place where history seems to be suspended in time, hidden stone-built churches and stunning monasteries are adorned with countless Byzantine icons calling out for attention set against a countryside wilderness that’s home to lonesome Moufflon and herds of meandering goats wading through a landscape rich in endemic flowers and aromatic herbs.  

Put your feet up for the night in one of the countless agro-tourism resorts and you’ll feel right at home relaxing in a traditional environment. Head out on a road trip the next day towards the sun kissed southern slopes of the mountains and the winding streets will carry you right through olive groves and hillsides blanketed in vines producing the famed Commandaria, a sweet tipple hailed as the world’s oldest wine.  

Steeped in age-old customs, every area has its own secrets to tell. A real haven for archaeology lovers, countless days out can also be spent ogling ancient sites, from the awe inspiring Kourion Theatre to the intricate UNESCO world heritage mosaics in Pafos. But Cyprus isn’t just about the glories of the past, with pulsating contemporary towns having little to envy of their European counterparts. And if you just so happen to be in need of a break in between all the excitement, you’ve certainly come to the right place as there’s always time for another sumptuous meze to tantalise the taste buds followed by some delicious roasted Cypriot coffee to wash it all down. 

Cyprus at Mediterranean Travel Month 2021