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Unlocking opportunity for Kenya’s poorest residents, county by county, by ensuring everyone has clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene – forever.
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Taps & toilets change everything.

How You Can Help
  1. Simply book your next holiday with Charitable Travel and tell us you want to support Dig Deep. The charity will then benefit from the free donation you can make as part of the booking process. To read more about how this works, head to our ‘About Us‘ page.
  2. If you want to make a donation to Dig Deep and you are not booking a holiday, click here to visit their website.
  3. Visit to sign up to newsletters, and follow the Dig Deep social media pages, and help spread the word.

At Dig Deep our mission is to unlock opportunity for Kenya’s poorest residents, county by county, by ensuring everyone has clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene – forever. By reducing the time lost to water collection and preventable disease we remove barriers to learning and earning, allowing people to lift themselves out of poverty.

We currently work in Bomet County, where 8 out of every 10 people still lack access to these daily necessities.

Most residents live in rural communities and spend hours every day walking to collect dirty water or find a safe place to relieve themselves Dirty water and poor hygiene spread diseases meaning even more time is lost to sickness that could have been used to learn and earn.

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For a child, this can mean the difference between only having a primary school education and going to university. For a parent, this can mean the difference between struggling to get by and earning enough to transform the lives of their family and community members.

Our goal is that the residents of Bomet spend no more time thinking about where their water comes from and where their waste goes than we do. To achieve this we’re working hand in hand with government and businesses to set up services and build self-sustaining systems.

We’ve been on the ground in Kenya since 2008, and so far we have reached just over 220,000 people. We are the only international NGO ever to be honoured with the direct support of Kenya’s grassroots Constituency Development Fund. This is testament to the respect and trust the work of our local team inspires in everyone, from the teachers we work with at schools to the MPs supporting our work in parliament.

So far our team have achieved so much, from:

· building large scale water systems to training households how to construct their own latrines;

· to developing new rainwater harvesting technologies, school toilets that can withstand the challenges of climate change and new school curriculums to bring vital hygiene messages to the next generation;

· and working with others to successfully lobby the national government to provide free sanitary pads to every school girl in Kenya.

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