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Ecuador – NGO Taxi Animal Rescue Centre

Volunteers can, for a fee, help at an exotic animal rescue centre in the Amazon.

NGO Taxi is an organisation helping Latina American NGOs and grassroots organisations to reach their goals. One such NGO is an animal rescue centre in the Ecuadorian jungle that is looking for volunteers to help combat widespread illegal animal trafficking.

Illegal animal trafficking in Ecuador is far-reaching, the trade is the fourth most profitable illegal activity in the world. In 2014, the number of trafficked animals rescued by authorities was approximately 8,000. Most exotic animals are taken from their natural rainforest environment in order to be sold on the domestic or international market. Animals most at risk from trafficking are being sold as pets, including monkeys, parrots, different reptiles, and insects.

In recent years, several non-profit rescue centres have opened in Ecuador with the aim to rehabilitate, care for, and release back into the wild captured exotic animals. Although wildlife trafficking is now officially an illegal activity, the law can be hard to implement, especially in the outlying regions of the Amazon, therefore these important shelters are at the leading edge of the fight against illegal trafficking.

Volunteers at NGO Taxi can
– Work closely with vulnerable animals under the supervision of the centre.
– Learn about the process to rehabilitate different breeds of animals.
– Rehabilitate animals and teach them how to survive in their natural habitat.
– Inform both the local population and visitors on issues concerning illegal trafficking.
– Create a lasting relationship between the community and the environment.

Volunteers should stay at the project for at least 4 weeks, to ensure integration and a lasting impact. They can either stay at the project in shared rooms or in a jungle lodge nearby for an additional charge. Meals are included as well as 24-hour support during your volunteering placement.

This is an intense volunteer placement, you will be working with local people at the project 5 days a week. However, it will be a life-changing, authentic experience, as you will interact with amazing animal and plant species in the unique environment that is the Amazon rainforest, as well as immerse yourself in the local culture.

Examples of daily activities are:
– Preparation and distribution of the animals’ food on a daily basis.
– Assisting in constructing and/or maintaining cages when necessary.
– Occasionally helping with the medical treatment of animals.
– Observing & reporting on animals’ health and general welfare.
– Help to clean the general compound.
– Act as a guide for any visitors to the centre.
– Assisting with monitoring tasks by filing reports.
– Collecting daily food supplies, running errands, and other administrative tasks.

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