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Global – Citizen Science Programs

Hurtigruten guests can get involved with conservation and education programs whilst on board a Hurtigruten Expedition.  

The Hurtigruten Expeditions Citizen Science Program has one goal: To increase your curiosity, knowledge and interest of the areas you are sailing to.

Hurtigruten’s expedition ships serve as the perfect platform for scientific research; With access to remote regions of the world and on-board experts, they can provide invaluable data to the scientific community – with the help of the onboard guests!

Guests are invited to participate in science activities, developing a greater understanding of the region in which they travel, becoming true ambassadors, and returning home to champion the protection of our planet’s most fragile ecosystems. Some of the projects run onboard many of the ships, which guests can get involved in, include:

1. Seabird Distribution with the Antarctic Site Inventory — Surveys throughout the Antarctic Peninsula help scientists understand how seabirds are using different habitats and provide valuable information about their life cycles.

2. Cloud Observations with the Globe Program — By observing and recording cloud cover timed to NASA satellite fly-overs, guests can help scientists understand how surface and air temperature are affected by cloud cover, and how clouds will respond to a changing climate.

3. Happywhale — We assist in tracking individual whales throughout our world’s oceans by harnessing the power of whale watching enthusiasts – our guests – expanding our scientific knowledge of their behavior and distribution.

4. Sea Leopard Project — A non-profit study aimed at a better understanding of the behaviour, ecology, and population dynamics of Leopard Seals on the Antarctic Peninsula to promote their conservation and safe human-seal interactions.

5. Fjord Phyto — Study phytoplankton to better understand how they respond to water temperature changes in the polar regions, providing a key to help mitigate future environmental impacts.

These programs are continuously running and Hurtigruten try to run at least 2 projects on each departure.

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