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Volunteering opportunities in observation and fieldwork, environmental education, and providing assistance at events, the wildlife centre, and the information centre run by the organisation.

ARCTUROS is a non profit, non governmental, environmental organization (NGO) founded in 1992, focusing on the protection of wildlife fauna and natural habitat, in Greece and abroad.
The foundation of ARCTUROS was driven by constant need to solve the problem of bear and wolf imprisonment; a common occurrence at the time.

Thanks to the help of dozens of volunteers, ARCTUROS takes actions to protect and manage wildlife and the natural environment. ARCTUROS also coordinates volunteer exchange programs in collaboration with the General Secretariat for Youth and the European Voluntary Service EVS.

As an ARCTUROS volunteer, you will participate in:

1. Fieldwork (radio observation of bears or wolves)

2. Work at the bear and wolf shelter (assisting visitors, feeding, and taking care of the animals at the shelter, manual labour, maintenance of paths etc.)

3. Environmental education activities (activities with students or groups of children in schools and other educational institutions).

4. Public awareness campaigns (events and exhibitions) throughout Greece.

5. The operation of ARCTUROS’s Information Centre for the Brown Bear in Nikios School of Nymfaio.

During the volunteering programme (minimum 15 days) you will be provided with accommodation and training.

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