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Lizzi’s Luxury Edit: Booking ahead

I’ve been reading a lot in the travel press about how air fares are going to rise. It is not a question of if, but when. In fact, you may have been looking online yourselves and been surprised by the cost of flights to places you are used to travelling to. Have you asked yourselves whether this is just a passing glitch? Surely fares cannot have almost doubled in price? Perhaps you have decided to wait and see if they drop again? The bad news for travellers is that prices are definitely not predicted to drop.

There are several factors that affect the cost of air travel, including the rate of inflation. The high rate of inflation we are seeing at the moment might fluctuate very slightly but is unlikely to drop significantly. Then there is the high price of oil, linked to the ongoing war in Ukraine, and this does not seem likely to resolve itself any time soon, sadly. Airlines are also under great pressure to upgrade their planes to meet low emissions targets and there is an urgent need to fund research into sustainable fuel. We must, if we want to save our planet, stop polluting the atmosphere but all of this costs vast sums of money.

Ouch! Rising prices will affect us all. The good news is that it will hopefully make us think twice about how often we travel and how.

So my advice is, as always, to book well in advance to get the best airfares possible. You should, ideally, already be booking your 2024 holidays, including post-Christmas breaks, February and May half terms, Easter and summer holidays.

Did you know also that hotel contracts are negotiated well in advance and if you’re booking a package holiday (which I highly recommended) you’re much more likely to get a good rate now than if you wait until the last minute?

So, where to travel next year without breaking the bank? If you have the time to go long haul, the Far East is still very good value, so if you’re spending more on your airfare, you are saving significantly on your accommodation. Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos continue to fascinate even seasoned travellers. If you’ve visited the beaches of Thailand, I highly recommend taking a trip up to Chiang Mai, maybe on the scenic train, which takes between ten and thirteen hours but offers stunning scenery on route. Stay in the wonderful Four Seasons Resort or the Anantara.

Bangkok itself is awash with luxury hotels, such as the Mandarin Oriental and the Rosewood.

Even better news, flights within Thailand and to the neighbouring countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are inexpensive, and hotels are also relatively so compared to other countries, so you can make a longer holiday of it and push the boat out a bit on your accommodation.

So, while airfares remain high, the Far East is a good choice as the lower on-the-ground costs will balance out the overall price of your holiday.

Feeling inspired? Book your next escape now. Get in touch with Lizzi by emailing [email protected] to book your dream trip!

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