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Lizzi’s Luxury Edit: Itineraries for Wanderers

Are you the sort of traveller who cannot stay still in one place for a week? Me, too! I like to move around and see as much as possible of the country I’m visiting. If I’m particularly stressed and worn out, I sometimes dream of lying by a pool for a few days, but I know that I’d get restless after 48 hours.

Two lovely multi-centre holidays spring to mind, a trip around Italy or island hopping in Croatia. I’m going to play them off against each other and let you decide which you’d prefer!


Many people head to Dubrovnik for a taste of Croatia, but there is far, far more to discover and you can do this as a fly-drive holiday.

Start in the capital Zagreb and take the world’s shortest funicular up to the thousand-year-old upper town of Gornji Grad. See the Presidential Palace and the historic St. Mark’s Church. Onwards to the Plitvice National Park. The area of Plitvice, declared a National Park in 1949, comprises densely forested mountains and a string of sixteen crystal clear emerald lakes and waterfalls.

The next stop is the ancient city of Zadar, a typical laidback Mediterranean walled town, with a romantic harbour, white stone-paved streets, fashionable cafes and ancient landmarks. Next on the itinerary is enchanting Split, a charming UNESCO Heritage City with its magnificent Diocletian’s Palace and central piazza, Peristil. Finally, to iconic Dubrovnik, but don’t forget the beautiful island of Korcula with its tucked away beaches and picture-perfect Old Town.

If you don’t feel like driving, you could take a cruise on a deluxe motor cruiser, with just 18 cabins. Sail from Dubrovnik to Split in style, visiting Mljet National Park, Korkola, Vis, Hvar, Bol, Brac and Split.


Have you already been to Rome, Florence, and Venice? There are so many more places to visit in Italy! Lake Maggiore to Umbria, the Dolomites and Lake Garda, Capri and the Amalfi Coast, Sardinia or Sicily, Piedmont and Northern Italy, Northern Tuscany, and Umbria. We all know how stylish Italy is and you can indulge yourself by travelling in extraordinary luxury.

Imagine renting the legendary Ferrari 250 California for self-driving around Italy. I’m told this is the most expensive car rental in the world! So, if not this, at least an open-top car to glide around those hairpin bends! Or exclusive use of a first-class carriage on one of Italy’s excellent high-speed trains and be waited on by your private butler?

For discovering Italy’s lakes, glamorous islands, or the iconic Venice lagoon, you could rent an iconic Riva motorcraft, just for you and your party. Being serenaded is optional!

Other luxury touches could be an indulgent dining experience, maybe on the Ponte Vecchia in Venice or another special place that means something to you. You could also experience a “Chic-nic”, a very fancy picnic, pretty much anywhere you choose. Maybe in the middle of a vineyard, atop a hill looking down on Florence, along the Amalfi coast? The possibilities are endless.

I haven’t mentioned hotels yet. To be honest, there are so many incredible hotels in Croatia and Italy that I’m reluctant to single out any particular one, at the risk of leaving another out. Whatever your style, be it converted monasteries, vineyards, ancient, traditional, ultra-modern, family-oriented or adult-only, I’d be happy to recommend some to you.

Now all you have to do is decide on either Croatia or Italy. Or both?!!

Feeling inspired? Book your next escape now. Get in touch with Lizzi by emailing [email protected] to book your dream trip!

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