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Florida, USA – The Wildlife Rescue Coalition of Northeast Florida

Volunteers needed to assist with rescuing, rehabilitating, and providing a safe haven for wildlife at the Wildlife Rescue Coalition of Northeast Florida in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

Their ultimate goal is to open an educational centre that will allow kids of all ages to come and learn about and appreciate wildlife. This centre would enable them to reach out and educate the Jacksonville community by participating with local schools and organisations.

The information that they could share through this facility would create awareness about the need to live in harmony with nature to children and adults who may not have had the opportunity to experience wildlife in their everyday lives. They hope that with the addition of an educational centre, they can inspire new people, like you, to become volunteers, members, rehabilitators, and sponsors of the organisation.

Some of the duties included in volunteering are as follows:

– Working at the Wildlife Centre in Jacksonville, caretakers are busiest in spring and summer when they receive thousands of orphaned animals as well as injured adults. Caretakers are responsible for feeding, cleaning, and general care of the wildlife such as food preparation, hand feeding, cleaning cages, maintaining a clean hospital environment, refreshing food and water in outdoor enclosures, and other duties as specified by staff supervisors. Animal experience not required, they provide on-the-job training on a daily basis. This is an immensely rewarding position – you can watch the babies go from infancy to release and know that you, personally, made it possible!

– As a special events volunteer, you will learn behind-the-scenes logistics of planning fundraising events, and work directly with the public. You may visit schools, events, and other organisations to teach ways to coexist with their wildlife neighbours and what to do when dealing with wild animals. It’s a fun opportunity, and you’re directly helping raise funds for WRCNEF, and awareness of its mission!

– WRCNEF receives calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day concerning wild animals in need of help. Animal transportation volunteers would help respond to those calls by picking up contained animals and transporting them to the drop-off point or Wildlife Centre. These animals may be sick, injured, or displaced. This is a critical position; if you cannot get the animals, you cannot help them.

– Foster caretakers take small animals such as squirrels or opossums home to care for them when they are very young.

– They also have a programme for students in both college and high school who need to obtain hours. If you need service hours, please let them know during your interview. You must be at least 17 years old to volunteer.

– WRCNEF relies on donations of goods such as produce, feed, hay, and pet food. You would pick up the items from the vendors and transport them to the Wildlife Centre.

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